A Long and Happy Life

Year of participation 2013
Program Feature Competition

A Long and Happy Life
Producer(s) Roman Borisevich, Alexander Kushaev
Director(s) Boris Khlebnikov
Script Alexander Rodionov, Boris Khlebnikov
Director of Photography Pavel Kostomarov
Production designer Olga Khlebnikova
Sound Maxim Belovolov
Edit Ivan Lebedev
Cast Alexander Yatsenko, Eugene Sitiy, Anna Kotova, Vladimir Korobeinikov, Sergey Nasedkin …
Production company(-ies) Koktebel Film Company Moskau, Russische Föderation +7 499 2550930


A city boy turned potato farmer, Sasha has moved to Russia’s Nordic countryside driven by what turned out to be illusions and idealistic ambition. The reality proved much less rosy, but Sasha is offered a break when the local Town Hall offers to buy out his farmland and repay his debts. An excellent chance to return to the city, taking along his sweetheart Anna, who happens to work at the Town Hall. The deal is closed and Sasha’s farm is set to be shut down, but the local villagers rise up in protest. They plea Sasha to protect them and save the farm, their only means of subsistence. Sasha is moved by the villagers’ sudden eagerness to elect him their leader and all the love and hope they invest in him. When Sasha tries to pull breaks on the lucrative deal,  the local officials can’t help but treat is as symptoms of a mental disorder. Sasha’s personal life also goes through a crisis when Anna can’t get over his decision, taking it for a refusal to share a life in the city with her. Sasha finds himself entangled in a web of passion, pride, and irreversible actions...

Moscow Cinema
 Hirair and Anna Hovnanian Foundation
Festival Coverage