The Voice of Silence

Year of participation 2013
Program Feature Competition

The Voice of Silence
Producer(s) Vigen Chaldranian
Director(s) Vigen Chaldranian
Script Vigen Chaldranian
Director of Photography Arthur Ustyan, Hakob Karanfilyan
Music by Gary Kesayan
Sound Anna Drojenko, Hmayak Rostomyan
Edit Tigran Baghinyan
Cast Vigen Chaldranian,Mariam Davtyan,Marine Sargsyan,Hripsime Sahakyan,Khachatur Martirosyan,Sevak Harutyunyan,Astghik Grigoryan
Production company(-ies) VS & TIGERS FILM PRODUCTION 18, str. Zavaryan, bld. 57/19, apt 111 Yerevan, RA +374 91 319204


Based on a true story, this is a subtle tale of re-affirmation of the identity of the artist following the Armenian Diaspora. It is an encounter with his alter-ego, a dialogue with his own conscience, a gradual dawning of the truth and an authentic glance at life... themes understandable by all. The film is an episode in the life of the director, a life full of surprises, and all the more so for being a cosmopolitan Armenian-American now standing on his native soil, his ultimate source of creative energy and ideas. In 1988, he left the motherland and achieved some success in Hollywood. Now he returns with his Jewish wife to shoot a film. In searching out locations, he encounters a homeless young woman in a suburban sand pit, who lives in a ramshackle car and befriends wandering dogs. It is a fateful meeting creating a conflict within the hero which leads to the dramatic climax, pivotal to his grasping of his own truth. He must make the difficult choice between head and heart, whether to be led by the dictates of reason or of emotion, whether to give up a comfortable existence or completely reverse the direction of his life.
National Cinema Hayak Awards (Best Actress), 2013, Yerevan, Armenia.

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 Hirair and Anna Hovnanian Foundation
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