The Fifth Season

Year of participation 2013
Program Feature Competition

The Fifth Season
Producer(s) Peter Brosens & Jessica Woodworth
Director(s) Peter Brosens & Jessica Woodworth
Script Peter Brosens & Jessica Woodworth
Director of Photography Hans Bruch Jr
Production designer Igor Gabriel
Music by Michel Schöpping
Sound Michel Schöpping
Edit Jessica Woodworth
Cast Peter van den Begin, Bruno Georis, Natalie Laroche
Production company(-ies) Bo Films Rue du Chateau Ferme 12 5522 Falaen, Belgium +32 8 269 98 69 Entre Chien et Loup 28 rue de l'Ambleve 1160 Bruxelles +32 2 736 48 13 Molenwiek Film Van Diemenstraat 410-412 NL - 1013 CR Amsterdam +31 20 625 2296 Unlimited 5 rue de Champagne 67300 Schiltigheim +33 3 88 19 42 02


Winter – In which the trees begin to fall.

In a village deep in the Ardennes forest lives Thomas, a reclusive teenager, and Alice, a dairy farmer’s daughter. He lures her to a quarry where they taste their first moments of desire. An itinerant beekeeper, Pol, and his handicapped son, Octave, have parked their caravan next to the village café. They join the villagers for the annual bonfire celebrating the end of winter. Spirits are high but the festivities come to a halt when the bonfire fails to burn. A distant tree crashes to the ground. Unease sweeps through the crowd.


Spring – In which the cycle of nature is capsized.

Pol’s bees vanish. Not a single seed sprouts in the fields. The cows refuse to give milk. The crisis proves to be widespread. The livestock are rounded up. And the first victim falls.


Summer – In which despair takes its toll.

Insects abound and resources are scarce. A passing flower vendor brings ephemeral joy. Relationships splinter. Souls are adrift. Only Octave emanates hope. That is, until he is silenced.


Fall – In which the angels take flight.

The earth remains dormant. Alice trades her body for food. Thomas steals from his parents. Octave sits mired in a catatonic state. Pol resolves to flee. But he cannot. The villagers won’t let him.



Arca Cinema Giovani Award for Best Film, Venice IFF, 2012; Green Drop Award - Special Prize of the Jury, the Youth Jury Prize, FIPRESCI Award, Valladolid IFF, Spain, 2012; Prix Cineuropa, Best Actress, Best Cinematography, Les Arcs European FF, Les Arcs, France, 2012



 Hirair and Anna Hovnanian Foundation
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