Armenia Turkey Cinema Platform Announces Participants for April Workshop

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Armenia Turkey Cinema Platform Announces Participants for April Workshop



Armenia Turkey Cinema Platform initiated by Istanbul Anadolu Kultur and Yerevan Golden Apricot Film Festival in 2009, announces participants for Film Support Fund which will take place in İstanbul on 14th to 16th of April as a parallel event to 33rd International Istanbul Film Festival.

Platform received 38 applications this year from Turkey, Armenia and from different countries like Argentina, Lebanon and the pre-selection committee selected 12 projects. Projects will be evaluated by an international jury and one of the projects will be awarded 10,000 USD.

Projects selected to participate to the Film Support Fund are:

  • Stony Paths, Arnaud Khayadjanian 
  • Pişik, Ayşe Polat        
  • The Oud Maker, Eric Nazarian       
  • Hello Soldier,ErolMintaş     
  • After This Day, Nigol Bezjian          
  • Where the Photos Are Taken, Sabri Kuşkonmaz  
  • Wohin/Nereye?,Silvina der-Meguerditchian         
  • Anamnesis: the View from Moush, Tuna Yılmaz  
  • Mndzuri- A World Never Destroyed, David Matevossian
  • The Gold of Infidels,LévonMinasian           
  • More than Words, Seg Kirakossian
  • Neither Here nor There, Yasin Ali Türkeri 

Armenia Turkey Cinema Platform Film Support Fund meeting will take place in Cezayir Meeting Rooms, Istanbul, on 14th to 16th of April.

Armenia Turkey Cinema Platform 2014 activities are financed by the European Union, within the framework of the Support to the Armenia-Turkey Normalization Process.

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