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B2B doc network

B2B Doc presentation in the frames of 12th Golden Apricot Yerevan International Film Festival

July 16, 12:00 at Ani Plaza Hotel – Nairi Hall


On July 16th there is going to be Baltic to Black Sea Documentary Network’s (B2B DOC NETWORK) presentation for documentary filmmakers as well as for anyone, who is interested in documentary films, co-production, distribution and getting international in this sector.

B2B Doc is a network of the documentary filmmakers from Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia and Armenia. This is a network under construction right now. But it will be an informal, open forum, run by filmmakers themselves. B2B Doc will initiate and support the CO-PRODUCTION of documentaries in these countries. A number of selected projects at a very early stage (just an idea of the film) will receive financial support each year. Led by the experienced tutors the projects will be developed and prepared to be presented at the leading European pitching sessions. B2B Doc will also arrange master-classes, seminars, workshops, study visits, informal events for the documentary filmmakers to unveil the creative, technical, financial and distributional possibilities for that we have in our countries to make documentaries for the vast international audience.

The presentation and introduction to the network will be in Russian by Swedish documentary filmmaker Alex Shiriaieff. Nevertheless, note that if there is a need of translation into Armenian, we will kindly provide it.

Alex Shiriaieff, born 1971, is a Swedish documentary filmmaker. His latest film The Gas Weapon (2014), produced by Dixit International for the Swedish Television (SVT) tells the story how Russia has been using its gas exports to influence politically the countries in Europe. 

Alex is currently working on the project of setting up the informal network of the documentary filmmakers from Scandinavia, the Baltic, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia and Armenia – Baltic to Black Sea Documentary Network (B2B Doc) to stimulate and support the co-production of the documentary films in these countries.

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