Ruben Gevorgyants, Vahe Gevorgyants

Ruben Gevorgyants, Vahe Gevorgyants

Ruben Gevorgyants (born 1945)

In 1964-69, Ruben Gevorgyants studied in the Directorial Deparrtment of the Yerevan Artistic-Theatrical Institute (studio of V. Atchemyan). In 1971, he was a director at Yerevan Documental Films Studio. In 1982-1989, he worked at Hayfilm Film Studio as artistic  manager of documental films. From 1989 till today, he is the director and artistic manager of Hayk Documental Films Studio. In 2004, Ruben Gevorgyants was elected President of Armenia’s Cinematographers’ Union; re-elected in 2009. He  teaches at Yerevan State Institute of Theatre and Cinema. From 2002, he is a member of the International Academy of Television and Radio, and the President of the National Academy of Cinema and Television. His film Autumn of the Magician was awarded RA Presidential Prize. Ruben Gevorgyants has created more than 65 films, has received 21 diplomas and awards in international film festivals, among them - 6 Grand Prix. He’s the author of three books.



Graduates of Nersessian School (1969), Hello, Kazakhstan (1969), Following a Photo (1969), Mountain Dance (1970), A Life Dedicated to Screen (1971), Even If We Will Not Write (1971), Gong (1971), Inspiration (1972), A Day in Sari Tagh (1972), Jermuk (1972), Family (1973), Nature of Armenia (1973), Heritage (1974), A Meeting of Times (1974), Conjugation (1975), Soviet Armenia (1975), Thoughts (1976), Reflections (1976), Armenia-76 (1976), Hand in Hand (1977), Light on Aragats (1977), Roads (1978), Blue Wind (1978), The Comeback Road (1977), Good Trace (1980), Face (1981), France (1982), Iraq (1982), Jordan (1982), Sparkling Night Fire (1983), The Wait (1984), Misfortune (1985), India (1986), While I Exist (1986), Islands (1987), White Bone (1988), Requiem (1989), Ashkharhums (1989), A Meeting in Jerusalem (1990), Armenians on the Shores of Bosphorus (1992), Sister from Los Angeles (1992), Paradise-93 (1993), Artsakh Diary (1993), Artsakh Diary N1 (1995), Parajanov: The Last Collage (1995), The Thief (1995), It’s Late (1996), Forever (2000), Our Commandos (2000), Time to Gather Stones (2002), Autumn of the Magician (2008), We’ll Meet Tomorrow (2011), Planet of Women (2013).

Ruben Gevorgyants, Vahe Gevorgyants

Vahe Gevorgyants (born 1970, Yerevan, Armenia)
Graduated from the Directing Faculty, Yerevan State Institute of Cinema and Theatre. Works at Hayk Documentaries Studio.

Guns among Flowers (1990), Alley (1993), I Am Guilty (1995), Buy Poison (1997),Spitak: 10 Years Later (1999), Dro (2000), Everlasting Return (2000), In the Valley of the Holy Mountain (2001), Ave Gohar (2002), Reign of Peace and Calm (2003), Armenians of Anapa(2005), Armenians of Moscow (2006), Human Life is Invaluable (2006), Ambassador of Good Will (2007), Peach Ashot (2007), Autumn of the Magician (2008).

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