Non-Competition Programs And Honorable Guests

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Non-Competition Programs  And Honorable Guests

During the Press Conference, held on 29 June, organizers of GOLDEN APRICOT Yerevan International Film Festival presented this year’s out of competition film programs - Yerevan Premieres, Tributes and Retrospectives, as well as the Closing Film of the festival - and the honorable guest of the 13th edition.

As always the non-competition programs feature the best and award-winning films from Cannes, Berlinale and Venice IFF’s. In total, about 92 films will be screened in the non-competition programs.


A Very Ordinary Citizen, Majid Barzegar, (Iran/Czech Republic)

Fire at Sea, Gianfranco Rosi, (Italy/France)

Honeyless Moon, Dmitri Izmestiev, (Russia)

Memories of the Wind, Ozcan Alper, (Turkey/France/Germany/Georgia)

My Good Hans, Alexander Mindadze, (Russia/Germany/UK)

Sieranevada, Cristi Puiu, (Romania)

Under the Sun, Vitaly Mansky, (Russia/Latvia/Germany/Czech Republic/North Korea)


Serbian director Želimir Žilnik, one of the major figures of the Yugoslav Black Wave, who will also head this year’s International Documentary Competition Jury, will present a Retrospective Program of his documentaries.

Director/Cinematographer Fred Kelemen, member of International Feature Competition Jury, will also present 3 of his films as a director and 1 - as a cinematographer.

This year the festival will also host the magnificent Jacqueline Bisset, the famous actress, who will be bestowed upon PARAJANOV'S THALER during the Closing Ceremony. Three famous films, starring Bisset, will be presented to spectators.

Fred Kelemen

Fate, Fred Kelemen, (Germany)

Nightfall, Fred Kelemen, (Germany)

Fallen, Fred Kelemen, (Germany/Latvia)

Sweets, Joseph Pitchhadze, (Israel)

Želimir Žilnik

Black Film, Želimir Žilnik, (Yugoslavia)

For Ella, Želimir Žilnik, (Yugoslavia)

Fortress Europe, Želimir Žilnik, (Slovenia)

Inventory, Želimir Žilnik, (Germany)

June Turmoil, Želimir Žilnik, (Yugoslavia)

Kenedi Goes Back Home, Želimir Žilnik, (Serbia)

Kenedi Lost and Found, Želimir Žilnik, (Serbia)

Little Pioneers, Želimir Žilnik, (Yugoslavia)

Newsreel of  Village Youth, in Winter, Želimir Žilnik, (Yugoslavia)

The Unemployed, Želimir Žilnik, (Yugoslavia)

Throwing off the Yolks of Bondage, Želimir Žilnik, (Yugoslavia)

Tito Among the Serbs, for Second Time, Želimir Žilnik, (Yugoslavia)

Uprising in Jazak, Želimir Žilnik, (Yugoslavia)

Logbook_Serbistan, Želimir Žilnik, (Serbia)

  Jacqueline Bisset

Bullitt, Peter Yates (United States)

Murder on the Orient Express, Sidney Lumet (United Kingdom)

Day for Night, François Truffaut (France)


Tribute will be paid to Armenian documentary filmmaker Ruben Gevorgyants on the occasion of his 70th anniversary. Director's Autumn of the Magician documentary will be screened, which tells the story of life of the Italian poet, writer and screenwriter Tonino Guerra.


The program will include 21 films by Armenian directors, as well as foreign productions about Armenia or Armenians.


The 13th GOLDEN APRICOT will end with the screening of the latest film by world-renowned Belgian filmmakers Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne - The Unknown Girl.

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