The second edition of the Armenian Cinema Catalogue was released

Back 27 May 2010 14:52
The second edition of the Armenian Cinema Catalogue was released

The Armenian Cinema Catalogue was first published 10 years ago and included all the films from 1924-1998. Being the only example of cinema catalogue from all the Post Soviet countries, it was awarded “White elephant” prize by the Kinogildia of Russia.

In the republished edition of the Catalogue all the publication dates, durations, casts of the films were clarified again and the video films also got included in the listings.

The new catalogue has also an appendix listing the feature films shot in 2009.

In comparison with the first catalog, which mentioned only the initials of filmmakers’ names, the new edition includes the names in the whole. This is a way to keep the names from falling into oblivion.

The Armenian Cinema Catalogue has a number of sources, among them the filmography produced in 1960-s by Daniel Dznuni, the subtitles and editing summaries of the films, the film copies and card indices of the Armenian National Film Archive, and the archive of the Cinema House, as well as the data kept in the State Museum of Literature and Art of Armenia.

The first edition of the catalogue was published with the support of Open Society Institute in Armenia. For the second edition the supporters are the Ministry of Culture of Armenia, the mobile operator VivaCell-MTS and “One nation, one culture” foundation. The organizing processes were carried out by GOLDEN APRICOT international film festival with the festival director Harutyun Khachatryan as the supervisor. The main editors of the catalog are Miqayel Stamboltsyan and Susanna Harutyunyan, also Zaven Boyajyan, Valeri Gasparyan, Anahit Arpen, Tatevik Manukyan, Ruzan Amiraghyan (the translator) and others have worked on this bilingual (Armenian & English) Catalogue of Armenian Cinema.

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