Films from Iran and Lebanon in Armenian Panorama National Competition Program

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Films from Iran and Lebanon in Armenian Panorama National Competition Program The famous Iranian actress Mahaya Petrosyan and director Amir Toodeh Roosta present their first joint work, A Beautiful Snowy Day, in the Armenian Panorama National Competition of the 7th GOLDEN APRICOT IFF. “The film was made based on a story of an Iranian writer, which I have read 15 years ago and was much impressed. I am the scriptwriter, and the script differs much from the story itself, and I am also the protagonist of the film”, said Mahaya Petrosyan mentioning that she is very happy to present her first work of a director in Armenia.
“This is a story about the love of a mother”, said Amir Toodeh Roosta, mentioning that Mahaya has starred in his films for a long time, and they decided to cooperate and to film A Beautiful Snowy Day, the filming of which took one year”.
Mahaya said that in Iran there are many women engaged in cultural activities, and there are many women directors, who are actively working in the sphere. “Because Iran is an Islamic country, there are certain borders, and each director understands that there is no need to cross those borders”, said Mahaya Petrosyan. “Those are personal, emotional relations that are not to be exposed. Nowadays, the entire world considers the Iranian cinema to be a poetic one. The directors are trying to escape vulgarity, brutal scenes, and pornography. The Iranian films are more human and have their place in the world cinema.
Lebanese director of Armenian origin Vatche Boulghourjian presents The Fifth Column, which chronicles desperation and mourning in the marginalized Armenian quarter of Beirut. “I have some new ideas to make a film about Armenian, particularly about Lebanese Armenians, so that it is continuous”, said Boulghourjian. The Fifth Column is Boulghourjian’s first work of a director, which was honoured with the 3rd Prize, Cinéfondation at Cannes IFF. “It is very touching when the Armenian cinema, and the film in Armenian language is appreciated internationally”, said the director.
Director Nikolay Davtyan presents his Uncle Valya in the Armenian Panorama National Competition. The film is about Valentin Podpomogov, who was fond of fun, feasts and jokes. Where was he more real: in cinema, animation, theater or fine arts? The film represents the shock experienced by the loss of such talented persons as Podpomogov, and that it is much later that people try to appreciate them as they deserve to be.
“We are trying to make films, that can be the continuation of and which in time can replace the values created and filmed by the older generation, at least aiming to reach that achievement”, said David Enfenjyan, the youngest participant of the Armenian Panorama National Competition, who presents Error, an experimental film.
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