Andrzej Krakowski

Andrzej Krakowski

Andrzej Krakowski (born1946, Warsaw, Poland)
Educated at the famed Polish National Film School in Lodz, Poland, and the American Film Institute in Los Angeles, Krakowski has written, directed and/or produced over 50 films. His father was at different times a powerful politician, his mother, a radio correspondent. Krakowski grew up surrounded by the powerful men of politics on the one hand, and the creative, often politically daring, geniuses of Polish cinema on the other. Artists, writers and philosophers such as Diego Rivera, Pablo Picasso, Ilia Ehrenburg, Nazim Hikmet, Yves Montand and Leszek Kolakowski were just a few of the many guests at the Krakowski home. One of the youngest, if not the youngest, students to the Film School in Lodz, Andrzej studied – alongside his childhood friend Krzysztof Kieslowski – under several prominent film directors and worked as an intern assistant to Andrzej Wajda during the making of Ashes. Attacked in the press after the March '68 student demonstrations, Krakowski was unexpectedly offered a scholarship in Hollywood. Shortly after his arrival in the US, he was stripped of his Polish citizenship and forbidden to return. In 1970, alongside David Lynch, Terrence Malick, Paul Schrader and Jeremy Kagan, he became a producing fellow at the American Film Institute. During this period he line-produced several short films and two features for his associate AFI fellows: Terrence Malick's Lanton Mills, Richard Patterson's The Open Window, Jeremy Kagan's Love Song by Charles Faberman and Oscar Williams' The Final Comedown. Some of those films eventually attained a cult status and are being taught at American colleges as part of film curriculum. Krakowski then joined Yasny Productions, Inc. as head of production, where among other films he had green-lighted and supervised production of the 1976 Oscar nominated feature documentary California Reich. He was one of the founders of the highly regarded SUNY-Purchase film program. He is currently teaching film directing and production at the City College of New York.

The Wedding Was Beautiful, People Were Crying (1972), Tribute to Dr. Sabin (1993), The Politics of Cancer (1994), Campfire Stories (2001), Geoffrey Holder: The Unknown Side... (2002), Farewell to My Country (2002), Looking for Palladin (2008).




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