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“Cinema as Means of Cross-Border Dialogue and Mutual Understanding”
(within the framework of Armenian -Turkish Cultural Initiative)
4 - 7 December, 2008, Yerevan, “Ani” Hotel

Ten young Turkish filmmakers, script-writers and film-journalists invited by the Golden Apricot IFF will visit Armenia to participate in the 2nd Turkish–Armenian Film Workshop which will take place in Yerevan on December 4 – 7. Workshop title is “Cinema as Means of Cross-Border Dialogue and Mutual Understanding”.
The workshop initiated by Golden Apricot Yerevan International Film Festival. The partner organizations are: Anadolu Kültür Association (Turkey) and Armenian Writers’ Union.
The workshop is held by the support of the Arts and Culture Network Program of the Open Society Institute, British Embassy in Armenia and Eurasia Partnership Foundation.


There is an evident lack of cultural cooperation between Armenia and Turkey due to the absence of diplomatic relations. The workshop aims to promote civil and cultural dialogue between Armenia and Turkey via means of cinema, encouraging cooperation and mutual recognition among Armenian and Turkish professionals (film directors, producers, journalists, critics). Yerevan workshop will focus on the possibilities of co-production between Armenian and Turkish film directors and producers.

The organizers expect that the workshop will give an opportunity to learn important facts on the history of culture of the two countries (Armenia, Turkey), watch films specifically telling about each nation’s history, culture, traditions, hold open discussions on the topics of culture (cinema in particular) and history which will promote the development possibilities of Armenian and Turkish filmmakers’ co-production. The discussion will be held on further cooperation between Anadolu Kultur and Golden Apricot IFF.

  •  Since 2005, participants, jury members and just attendants from Turkey have been received in Yerevan in the framework of Golden Apricot Yerevan International Film Festival and in further years they were actively involved in the Regional Co-production Forum “Directors Across Borders” within the framework of Golden Apricot.
  •  On April 10-14, 2008, with the initiative of Anadolu Kültür Association 12 Armenian film makers and film-journalists where invited to participate in the first Turkish-Armenian workshop on cinema entitled “Cinema and History” in the framework of Istanbul International Film Festival. Among the participants were not only young and promising film makers who were interested in co-production, but also skilled and already well known film professionals. It aims to find out the way cinema comments on history and also to make new cooperative programs between Turkish and Armenian filmmakers. The workshop was announced as a very productive and was covered by the Turkish and Armenian mass media. The Yerevan 2nd Workshop is a logical continuation of the Istanbul Workshop.

About “Anadolu Kültür” Association:

Anadolu Kültür, which is devoted to the mission of reconstruction Turkish national minorities’ cultural values, is a non profit company established in 2002 by representatives of arts and culture world. It aims to encourage arts and cultural activities outside Istanbul, bring artists from Istanbul together with people interested in art in Anatolia and support local artists, promote cultural projects in Kars aimed at urban development.
As mentioned above the professional relations between Golden Apricot Film Festival and Anadolu Kültür Association were established in the year of 2006.
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