“I wish the films could change the world” Semih Kaplanoglu

Back 17 July 2010 12:00
“I wish the films could change the world” Semih Kaplanoglu “Whenever I am working on the film scenario I am mostly concerned with the main hero”, said the Turkish director, producer, scriptwriter and cinematographer Semih Kaplanoglu, who presented Honey, the last film of his trilogy at the 7th GOLDEN APRICOT Festival. The director tried to show that a human being is in harmony with his personality and soul in childhood.
“Living with different hats on, and performing different roles is not an easy job. Yet, being a director, producer, scriptwriter and cinematographer it makes my job easier”, said Semih Kaplanoglu. “To make a film means to organize the entire process. It is very important how the financial means are applied during the process, because if we are to speak about the feature and commercial films, the actors are paid high honorarium; however, I spent more money on the preparatory work”.
Semih Kaplanoglu is convinced that festivals are essential because they make it possible to study and get acquainted with different cultures, and provide young directors with new possibilities to make films. “Turkish films are known not only in the European but also in the Western countries,” said the director. “In recent years more documentaries are made in Turkey, and a young generation of the directors is born. Those documentaries are broadcast in TV and present the history of Turkey which has not been talked of yet”. The director honestly confessed that many people like his films, while the rest hate and the Turkish filmmakers had even protested against one of his films declaring him a betrayer.
“I have expressed my opinion on the internal and foreign relations of the Turkey with overseas countries both in my life and in my films”, said Semih Kaplanoglu. “To my mind, those films that have a meaning can touch one’s heart and soul”.
The director mentioned that walking in the streets of Yerevan feels like home. He is also convinced that festivals make it possible to study, understand and find solutions to the problems between the nations.
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