Press Release June 3, 2008 Yerevan

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The 2008 Cannes International Festival presented pavilions of various countries, including the ones of Georgia and Ukraine. Armenia did not have an official pavilion. In 1966 Frunze Dovlatyan presented his film, “Hello, it’s me”, after which no further connection was maintained with the famous festival, however, the 5th anniversary Golden Apricot Yerevan International Film Festival has allowed for the reestablishment of the relations. The presentation took place on May 23rd; Armenian benefactor Raymond Yezegelyan made available his home, known as the Admiral Building, on Croisette St., a street known for its many festivals (the building is opposite to the Memorial Statue to the Victims of 1915 Armenian Genocide). The Armenian flag was hung up the flag-pole. More than fifty cinematographers from various countries were present at the presentation.
President of “Golden Apricot” Atom Egoyan, festival director Harutyun Kachatryan, and the host, Raymond Yezeguelyan, welcomed the guests.
The food was prepared by the Cannes’ Armenian restaurant. Guests were asked to taste apricot vodka produced by Artsakh Alco especially for the Golden Apricot 5th anniversary.
The evening was carried out by our sponsor VivaCell, which made the arrival of Armenian Cinema in Cannes possible.
The presentation passed in a warm atmosphere. The number of the guests was even more than expected. The interest towards the “Golden Apricot” was additionally underlined after presentation of Atom Egoyan’s “Adoration” at the Cannes Festival. The film was honored with the audience’s warm acceptance and the Ecumenical Jury Prize.
This year the Cannes Festival screened out of competition, Arman Tadevosyan’s film “Transformation” about Kars; Vrej Kasuni’s “Maybe Love, Maybe Not” (in Short Corner Program); and Javakhq resident Diana Mkrtchyan’s film “Gata” about Armenian refugees in Moscow (Cinefôndation Program). the above-mentioned directors, as well as the members of the creative team, Anouche Yezeguelyan and young film producer, script writer and actress Armine Abrahamyan, whose film project “Joan and the Voices” was presented in Cannes were participating at the festival.
On May 26th the office representing Armenian festival in Europe, which was donated by Raymond YEzeguelyan to the Golden Apricot, on 34 Champs Elysee opened. UniFrance governing body, Golden Apricot Yerevan International Film Festival director Harutyun Kachatryan, many other guests from the film industry, as well as the Armenian filmmakers of Paris were present at the opening ceremony.
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