The Scriptwriting Documentary Workshop in Armenia is Over

Back 23 December 2011 12:07
The Scriptwriting Documentary Workshop in Armenia is Over Financed by European Union, Eurasiadoc Project together with Directors Across Borders program of Golden Apricot Yerevan IFF have organized a two-week Scriptwriting Documentary Workshop in Armenia for the first time from November 28 to December 11.
Nestled in Aghveran, 47 km away from Yerevan, surrounded by snowy mountains, the Armenian and Georgian participants, selected by French experts, have come together to compare their ideas and expose their difficulties.
The residency, supervised by Jean-Marie Barbe (producer) and Jacques Deschamps (director), brought together 9 filmmakers from Armenia and Georgia.
The film projects were:
1. “I am” by Mariam Chachia, Georgia;
2. “The Things” by Nino Gogua, Georgia;
3. “The Low Neighborhood” by Seda Grigoryan, Armenia;
4. “When you are No Longer Young” by Tsira Gvasiala, Georgia;
5. “Urgence: Amour!” by Haynoosh Jahanian, Armenia;
6. “Steps through the Air” by Lali Kiknavelidze, Georgia;
7. “See you in Chechnya” by Alexander Kvatashidze, Georgia;
8. “Our Atlantis” by Artur Sukiasyan, Armenia;
9. “Le Temps des Grenades Müres” by Artur Sargsyan, Armenia.
From the Chechen war to Ossetian war, from the collapse of USSR to the national reconstruction, from Armenia to Diaspora, from refugees to music lyrics; the projects navigate through the history and territories and tell us the story of different destinies and their impact on the Caucasian population.
The participants left the residency with much enthusiasm and satisfaction.
This is yet the beginning of the cooperation between GOLDEN APRICOT Yerevan Int’l Film Festival and Eurasiadoc Project. The latter is focused in Caucasus to provide the required assistance to up-and-coming filmmakers by introducing them to European funds and producers. This cooperation will have its continuation in July at the 9th edition of Golden Apricot Int’l FF.
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