Sweet Evil and Journals of Musan in Golden Apricot Competition

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Sweet Evil and Journals of Musan in Golden Apricot Competition

The main character of the “Sweet Evil” by Olivier Coussemacq is the 15 years old Celine. After her mother was imprisoned she has been constantly moving. After escaping her tutors, a well-known couple Mr. and Mrs. Van Eyck take her in.

“It is a story about manipulation, when people use each other. There is no biographical or real criminal case behind this story. It is just a story, that shows that nothing in the worls can be classified into white and black, or virtues and evil“, - Coussemacq said.

The film describes the transition of a judge from one state to another: from what is supposed to be virtues, to the evil, that he has always condemned and criticized.

The “Journals of Mousan” presents the life of immigrants in South Korea. “I wanted to understand, how do the immigrants feel themselves in South Korea, whether they had any problems,” - the director of the film, Park Jungbum said.

The main character of the film, Seung-chul decides to defect to South Korea because he's sick and tired of the famine there. He lives in a rented apartment with his friend, Kyung-chul and the life he lives in South is not vastly different from his previous in the North. The only happiness for Seung-chul is the church. Seung-chul keeps falling out of place in this capitalist society where it is even harder to take care of one's self.

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