Allen Hughes in the land of his ancestors

Back 17 July 2010 09:15
Allen Hughes in the land of his ancestors Among the guests of the 7th GOLDEN APRICOT Festival was Allen Hughes, the American film director, producer and scriptwriter, who together with his brother Albert Hughes presents the film The Book of Eli. “When I read the script, I was stunned how powerful the religion and the holy books can be”, said Allen. “We know from the history that if a book can become the wellspring of a revived society, and in the wrong hands, the hammer of a despot.”
The Hughes Brothers have always cooperated as directors and producers, and made joint films. “Being twins is difficult in every way, but we will always film together, and have even decided that one of us will act as a director and the other as a producer”, said Allen.
The mother of the Hughes Brothers is of Armenian origin. Allen told that in America they have many Armenian relatives. “It is my first visit to Armenia and I am the only in my family to be here. I must confess that my relatives are jealous, because I am here in Armenia, and that it is the same as Jerusalem for the Jewish people”, confessed the director.
Besides filmmaking Allen Hughes is also interested in music, which is playing a great role in his films. Before filmmaking the Hughes Brothers have been also making video clips for eminent artists. “One will never learn how to make a film if he is making video clips, he will only gain some technical skills and will learn how to use film tricks”, mentioned Allen Hughes. His opinion is that US film industry of the recent 10-15 years has undergone serious changes, and nowadays it is even difficult to make a film with 3 million USD. “The golden age of the American film industry was at the end of 1960th and beginning of the 1970th. It is difficult to mention any good film, because nowadays American films are for the “pop-corn” audience, and as far as the Oscar is concerned, I can say that it is the American Film Academy Award that is truly contemporary and politicized. Nowadays, few Oscar winning films are worth the award”, said Allen Hughes, who is convinced that the best is the one that is made by a chance, and during the process of creation one might encounter many beautiful chances.
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