Mark De Cloe, Jeroen Berkvens

Mark De Cloe, Jeroen Berkvens

Mark de Cloe
Studied at the Rietveld Academy and the Maurits Binger Institute. For his graduation films Lucky Strike and Ralentir he received the Grolsch Filmprijs 1992. Mark de Chloe received the NPS Award for Best Short Film for the films Gitanes in 1998, and for Alone in 2004. In 2004, he directed the dance film False Waltz, which won several prizes and was nominated for an Emmy Award. In 2009, he directed his first feature Life out of a Day.

Lucly Strike (1992), Ralentir (1992), Gitanes (1998), Alone (2004), False Waltz (2004), Life out of a Day (2009), Shocking Blue (2010), The Strongest Man of Holland (2011), Life Is Beautiful (2011).




Berkvens, Jeroen

Jeroen Berkvens
Studied at the Academy of Arts in Breda, graduated in 1993 with Let Me Have it All, which received Arte Award for best European student film. His Jimmy Rosenberg - the Father, the Son & the Talent was awarded Best Film in Poland, USA & Canada, and in the Netherlands where it won a Golden Calf Best Feature Length Documentary. A couple of years Jeroen Berkvens was a member of the editorial staff at PBS Humanist Broadcasting. Till 2010 he teached film at his alma mater in Breda, and in 2004 was designated to lead the IDFA documentary workshop. Since 2010 Berkvens is appointed to the Dutch Film & Television Academy, teaching documentary directing. Besides teaching and directing, he occasionally produces filmprojects.

Let Me Have It All (1993), A Skin Too Few - The Days of Nick Drake (2002), Mirror of Time (2003), A Lawyer’s Story (2004), Jimmy Rosenberg - the Father, the Son & the Talent (2006), Life Is Beautiful (2011), Paradiso Mon Amour (2011).




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