Brazilian filmmakers at the GOLDEN APRICOT Film Festival

Back 17 July 2010 13:00
Brazilian filmmakers at the GOLDEN APRICOT Film Festival Rogerio Correa, Brazilian director, presents his documentary Double Territory in the International Documentary Competition of the GOLDEN APRICOT Film Festival. Leon Cakoff (Leon Chadarevian), a Brazilian of Armenian origin, founder of the São Paulo Film Festival, has also arrived to Armenia.
“Although São Paulo Film Festival is bigger and has a history of 34 years, when comparing it with the GOLDEN APRICOT I can say there is no difference, and I am convinced that our approach towards the audience is the same. The both festivals do emphasize the diversity and screen films that reveal human mind”, said Leon Cakoff.
Double Territory is Rogerio Correa’s ninth film. At present the Correa works both as a director and a producer. “In the films I compare the two sides of a human being. A man who is an artist, but works at the police”, said the Brazilian director.
Leon Cakoff mentioned that although the GOLDEN APRICOT Festival is a small one, it has already gained popularity. “It is an alternative festival, where I have met such filmmakers whom I admire. During these seven days we have had a wonderful time and enjoyed the warm hospitality of the Armenian people, and the open atmosphere”, said Leon Cakoff and added that for him Yerevan is a small friendly city full of culture and history.
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