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A press conference presenting this year festival’s Non- Competition Film Program was held on June 1st.

“Golden Apricot” Yerevan 9th International Film Festival will traditionally have the three Non-Competition Programs- “Yerevan Premieres”, “Retrospectives”, “Tribute”. As in 2011, this year CIS Film program will be organized supported by Intergovernmental Fund of Humanitarian Cooperation. With Yerevan announced the World Book Capital in 2012 by UNESCO, “Golden Apricot” will present a new program entitled “Book and Cinema”.

The “Yerevan Premieres” program will include: “Vivan las Antipodas” by Victor Kossakovsky (Venice Film Festival Opening Film in 2011), “In Darkness” by Agnieszka Holland (an Academy Award Nominee in 2012, category of Best Foreign Language film), “Barbara” by Christian Petzold (“Silver Bear” Award winner at Berlinale in 2012), “Without Gorky” by Cosima Spender (the author is Arshil Gorky’s granddaughter), “Time of a Dancer” by Vadim Abdrashitov, “Yervand Kochar’s Painting in Space” by Ruben Kochar, and Francis Ford-Coppola’s latest film “Twixt”. By the way, Coppola’s all recent films have been screened at “Golden Apricot” previous editions. We are also happy to inform that Victor Kossakovsky, Agnieszka Holland, Vadim Abdrashitov, Cosima Spender will be among the honorable guests of the Festival to present their films.

The “Retrospectives” program will include screenings of selected films by Alexander Sokurov, Victor Erice, Eldar Shengelaya.

Jubilees of Yury Yerznkyan, Frunze Dovlatyan and Andrei Tarkovsky will be celebrated in the frames of “Tribute” program.

In high appreciation of not only Yerznkyan’s work as a director, but also as a teacher, the program dedicated to his 90th Anniversary will be entitled “Jury Yerznkyan and his Students” and will include not only the screening of his films but also of the films by his students. “Khatabala” by Yerznkyan (1971), “Kond” by Harutyun Khachatryan (1987), “Bonded Parallels” by Hovhannes Galstyan (2009), “Carpenter Expecting a Son” by Narine Malyan (2012), “They Call Me Ashik” by Arthur Khudoyan (2011),” The Time of Butterflies” by Anna Shirinyan, “Solitude” by Artak Paytyan (2009), “Yarkhushta” by Gagik Harutyunyan (1991), “Quo Vadis?” by Arusyak Aristakesyan (1995), “Club” by Martun Harutyunyan, “Andrei” by Narine Mkrtchyan and Arsen Azatyan will be screened.

Frunze Dovlatyan's 85th Anniversary will be celebrated by the screening of his film “Delivery” (1977).

Andrej Tarkovsky's 80th Anniversary will be celebrated with special remark. The program will be held in the frames of CIS film program supported by Intergovernmental Fund for Humanitarian Cooperation of CIS countries. The program will include his films as well as Armenian films with his participation. In particular, “Gospel by Andrei” and “Solyaris” (author’s version), and his early films made while a student-“Rink and Violin” and “No Dismissal Today” will be included in the Anniversary program film screenings. The program will also include “Winepress” by Bagrat Hovhannisyan (Artistic Director: A.Tarkovsky”), “Dream” (“Сон”) by Ara Aharonyan (script by A.Tarkovsky), and “Andrei” (“Андрей”) dedicated to Tarkovsy by Arsen Azatyan and Narine Mkrtchyan.

The CIS film program that will be held supported by Intergovernmental Fund for Humanitarian Cooperation of CIS countries, will include screening of around 20 films from CIS countries, as well as meetings and round table discussions for filmmakers from the member countries. The gathering will take place the second year already and aims to discuss the achievements and problems in film industry in member countries, and bring out possible co-production prospective.

The program “Book and Cinema” will reflect on the screen versions of the Armenian and world classic literature. “Namus” (dir.: Hamo Beknazaryan) and “For Honor” (dir.: Artashes Hay-Artyan) by Alexander Shirvanzadeh, “Pepo” (dir.: Hamo Beknazaryan) and “Khatabala” (dir.: Yuri Yerznkyan) by Gabriel Sundukyan, “This Green, Red World” (dir.: Yuri Yerznkyan) by Aksel Bakunts (sc.: Hrant Matevosyan), “Autumn Sun” (dir.: Bagrat Hovhannisyan) by Hrant Matevosyan, “The Poor Man’s Honor” (dir.: Bagrat Hovhannisyan) and “The Master and the Servant” (dir.:Dmitri Kesayants) by Hovhannes Tumanyan, “Tzhvzhik” (Fried Liver) (dir.: Arman Manaryan) by Atrpet, “Oliver!” (dir.: Carol Reed) by Charles Dickens, “Death in Venice” (dir.: Lucino Visconti) by Thomas Mann, “The Tin Drum” (dir.: Volker Schlondorff) by Gunter Grass, “Faust” (dir.: Alexander Sokurov) by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, “Wuthering Heights” (dir.: Andrea Arnold) by Emily Bronte will be screened.

“Golden Apricot” Yerevan International Film Festival is supported by Ministry of Culture of RA. The General Sponsor of the Festival is VivaCell-MTS.

The Speakers of the Press Conference:

Mikayel Stamboltsyan: “Golden Apricot” Yerevan IFF Program Director

Susanna Harutyunyan: “Golden Apricot” Yerevan IFF Artistic Director

Tatevik Manoukyan: “Golden Apricot” Yerevan IFF Head of International Department

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