Sergey Bukovsky

Sergey Bukovsky

Sergey Bukovsky (born 1960, Bashkiria)
In 1960 his parents, film director Anatoliy Bykovsky and actress Nina Antonova, moved to Kiev, Ukraine. Bukovsky studied directing at the Film Department of the Karpenko-Karyi Kiev State Institute of Theatrical Arts (workshop of Volodymyr Nebera) and then worked at the Ukrainian Documentary Studio for more than 10 years. In 1995-1998 he headed the TV and documentary film department of Internews Network Ukraine. His 20-minute film Tomorrow is a Holiday (1987) brought him professional recognition and public success. During his 25-year film career, Bukovsky has made more than 50 documentary and fiction films. Some of them have received awards at prestigious film festivals. Among them Tomorrow is a Holiday, The Roof, Dislocation, The Hyphen, To Berlin, Vilen Kaliuta. Real Light, TerraVermelha. Red Land, and the 9-part documentary series War: The Ukrainian Account, which was awarded The National Taras Shevchenko Prize of Ukraine (2004). One of the latest films directed by Bukovsky was also a success – a documentary about the Holocaust in Ukraine entitled Spell Your Name. Bukovsky has been recognized as a National Artist of Ukraine since 2008.

Filmography (selected)
Childhood Home (1982), Tomorrow Is a Holiday (1987), Dream (1988), Dark Was the Night (1989), The Roof (1990), Dislocation (1992), The Hyphen (1992), Landcape, Portrait, Still Life (1993), To Berlin! (1995), Ten Years of Etrangement (1996), Dialogueat the Close of Century (1999), The Bridge (1999), Vilen Kaliuta. Real Light (2000), Terra Vermelha. Red Land (2001), War: the Ukrainian Account (2003), Spell Your Name (2006), The Living (2008).

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