Cannes Prizewinner Nuri Bilge Ceylan at Golden Apricot IFF.

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Cannes Prizewinner Nuri Bilge Ceylan at Golden Apricot IFF.

“Once Upon a Time in Anatolia” by Nuri Bilge Ceyla, a prizewinner of Cannes International Film Festival, was shown in the frames of the Yerevan Premiere Program it Golden Apricot IFF.

The main character of “Once Upon a Time in Anatolia” is a doctor, living in Anatolia. The film consists of short stories of a small Anatolian town residents. This stories present different view points on the same issue.

“It is not easy to see the reality, and it changes depending on one's view point. The truth differs as well. As a director I try to present as many view point on one reality as possible, so that the audience has the opportunity to analyze the reality in its own way, - said the director of the film at the press-conference on July 16. The author continued with a quotation by Nietzsche: “There are no facts, only interpretations”.

Ceylan told the journalists, that the most difficult work for him is to finish the script. In the case of “Once Upon a Time in Anatolia” this was even harder, as there were much more details and nuances as usually, and it was difficult to communicate harmony and integrity to them.

“The dialogues in my film often do not make any sense. It is supposed to make the audience to guess the reality, and not perceive it in the words they hear. They are supposed to immerse themselves into face and faces...” - said Ceylan, adding that maybe this approach makes the difference between his films and Hollywood movies.

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