Enis Riza

Enis Riza

Enis Riza

Born 1948, Ankara.

He was interested in photography and theatre in high school and at the university and took part in plays as actor as well as a director. His photography works have been exhibited in France and U.S.A.
In 1969, he started to work on documentary and short films. He was among the founders of the “Young Cinema” movement in Turkey and organized many documentary film screenings and festivals in different regions and cities in Turkey. In 1972, two of his feature films, besides his two documentary films, generated various repercussions when they were shown abroad, which are called “Another Sun”, “They and Them”, “ Hello, Mountain Flower”, “Turkey 1971”. He also worked as a publisher / editor the dates 1973 and 1988. He was involved in the foundation of MTV (Milliyet TV), a TV channel that screened documentaries, and contributed great effort in the success of the institution, and realization of many documentary films. In 1987, he established “VTR Film Directing Research & Production Company” together with producer Nalân Sakızlı and started to produce films independently. In 1996, he was involved in the foundation of “The Association of Documentary Filmmakers in Turkey”. He is the spokesman, and was the chairman of the board until 2005. His films have been screened in many festivals, screenings, TV channels in Turkey and abroad.

Filmography (selected)
About Istanbul (1990), And Advertisement (1990), Integrating into Time (1991), Seeing Africa While Flying to Moon (1991), Chronicle of Turkish Economic History (1994), Tales on Climate and Time (1995), European Union and Turkey (1995), Nazım Hikmet (1995), The Ottoman Period until Today (1996), Minority Education and Institutions from The Ottoman Period until Today (1996), Listen to Me Sincerely (1997), Thinking about the Aegean Region (1997), The Song of the Republic (1998), Dreams of the Republic (1998), The Country that I Wept for (1999), To Let Go of the Rope (2000), Sorrow: Homeland of Separateness (2001), Diary of a Fisherman (2001), Izmir Days of the Ghazi (2003), On the Street (2004), A Journey of a Thousand Years 600-1600 (2005), Notes from an Exhibition, ‘Turks’ (2005), Adopting a New Homeland (2006).




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