Documentarians Dagmara Drzazga and Sergey Bukovski are the Guests of the Press Room

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Documentarians Dagmara Drzazga and Sergey Bukovski are the Guests of the Press Room

Dagmara Drzazga

“...I am also making documentaries essays about art. For example now I am editing the documentary film about Bruegel’s art. I simply want to say that the theme of poverty is not my only interest: if I find something interesting, I definitely address it...,” says the Polish film director Dagmara Drzazga.

A journalist and compere of Polish television, he works at Katowice film studio. Made many reportages and documentaries; a member of Polish Journalists Association and Silesia 44 Film Union. His film “Beijing 2008” made in 2008 participates in GAIFF.

Sergey Bukovski

Sergey Bukovski is Participating in GAIFF for the Third Time

“… When making the film we set two tasks before ourselves: the first one was to present the tragedy, which happened in Ukraine in 1933 in the European and world context. The second one, essentially, was more personal,” said the director Sergey Bukovski when presenting his new film, “The Living” to the journalists. He noted that though the word ‘genocide’ is not mentioned in the film and he does not claim the events of 1933 to be internationally defined as such, these events were indeed a genocide...

His 20-minute film “Tomorrow is a Holiday” brought him a professional recognition and success in the cinema halls. He has made over 50 documentary and feature films during his 25-year-old career in cinema. Some of them won awards in prestigious film festivals.

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