Levan Koguashvili presented his film Street Days

Back 17 July 2010 09:45
Levan Koguashvili presented his film Street Days Being a director of commercial, TV and documentary films Levan Koguashvili presents his first feature film Street Days at the International Feature Competition of the 7th GOLDEN APRICOT. “The Georgians and Armenians are quite similar, and I am happy to participate in the GOLDEN APRICOT Festival”, said Levan Koguashvili. “There were times, when no films were made in Georgia, and at present the filmmaking is thriving. Three or four commercial or drama films with sexual elements are being made in a year.”
Street Days touches upon the issue of the addicted in Georgia. “It is a big problem for Georgia, particularly starting from the 90th, when many were addicted to drugs and it became popular”, said the director. “The main character of the film is a Georgian famous designer. Many think that the protagonist is too noble for the role, yet, the truth is that such people are addicted to drugs in the Georgian reality”.
Levan Koguashvili graduated from the All-Russian State Institute of Cinematography (VGIK) in Moscow, where his teacher was the famous film director Marlen Khutsiev. He also studied at the New York Film School. For a short period of time he was engaged in a work of a commercial director, but the director confessed that he is more attracted to the filmmaking. “A good director can make a commercial, but not all commercial directors can make a film”, said Levan Koguashvili.
The director also told that there are many film lovers among the Georgian youth, and they are willing to watch not only Hollywood films, but also the films made by the Georgian directors. “The Georgian audience is fond of comedies and dramas, because there are so many problems in everyday life that people want to relax and enjoy”.
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