The Cow and I

Year of participation 2010
Program Tributes

The Cow and I
Producer(s) Adry de Carbuccia, Ronald Girard
Director(s) Henri Verneuil
Script Henri Jeanson, Henri Verneuil, Jean Manse
Director of Photography Roger Hubert
Production designer Jacques Chalvet
Music by Paul Durand
Sound Gaston Ancessi, Antoine Petitjean, Arthur Vander Meeren
Edit James Cuenet, Rose Sokol, Gabriel Rongier
Cast Ellen Schwiers, Fernandel, Heinrich Gretler, Ingeborg Schöner, Pierre Louis, Richard Winckler, Bernard Musson, Maurice Nasil, Albert Rémy
Production company(-ies) Da.Ma. Cinematografica, Les Films du Cyclope


Charles Bailly, a French World War II prisoner of war, devises a clever means of escaping from a German prison farm. A farmer's wife lends him one of the cows, Marguerite, and a milk pail. Charles sets out to walk to Stuttgart and to reach the border by posing as a laborer from a nearby farm. En route, he is forced to work at a lumber camp. Marguerite has a romantic interlude with an amorous bull. When he and Marguerite reach the Danube, Charles discovers that all the bridges have been destroyed in air raids. With only a rowboat available, he bids Marguerite a sad goodbye, but the resourceful cow crosses the river on a pontoon bridge. Reunited, Charles and Marguerite resume their journey and safely reach Stuttgart. Now Charles must leave Marguerite, and after a tearful farewell, he hops a freight train and arrives in France. He runs into the collaborating French security police, however, and is forced to jump another train to escape them. Unhappily, Charles boards one going in the wrong direction, which takes him back into Germany.

Moscow Cinema
 Hirair and Anna Hovnanian Foundation
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