Golden Apricot Opens Door for the "Offside"

Back 12 July 2007 17:52
A very touchy film “Offside” by Jafar Panahi, the screening of which is banned in Iran, was presented in Yerevan during the 4th Golden Apricot film festival, on the 12th of July.
“Offside” is a lovely story about courageous Iranian girls who brave to go against the existing bans and do whatever they love- watch a football match between Iran and Bahrain to qualify for the World Cup.
“The manner of Panahi is always amazing. He can tell about serious issues in an easy manner, but at the end you come to understand the sadness of the whole situation”, said Mikayel Stamboltsyan, Program Director of the Festival, while presenting Panahi to the Armenian audience. He also spoke of the dynamic development of the Iranian cinematography which has a very warm reception all over the world both from the audience and the critics.
“Offside” is the last work of the director which made him and the crew pass a long and endeavoring road to be able to show the reality of Iran to the Iranians and to the outer world.
A real life incident, that Panahi experienced, inspired him to shoot this film. Once his daughter wanted to watch a football match with him in a stadium and she had to cheat the guards to be able to go in.
The screening was a great success and Armenian audience applauded the director both for his great talent and his courage.
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