Drazen Zarkovic, Pavo Marinkovic

Drazen Zarkovic, Pavo Marinkovic

Dražen Žarković (born 02.11.1970, Zagreb, Croatia)
Dražen Žarković graduated from Film and TV Directing at the ADU (Academy of Drama Arts). Working as a freelance artist since 1993, he has created numerous feature and documentary projects as writer and director, and assistant director in features. He has won four Oktavijan Awards from the Croatian Film Critics’ Society, for his short subjects Čakaj me (1993), Hunt for Oneself (1994) and Šalter (2001), and for his medium-length feature Novogodišnja pljačka (1998). Šalter has won the Golden Olive Award at the Bar TV Festival, while his feature-length debut, Go, Yellow!, won the Silver Olive at the same festival in 2002. He won the Jury Prize at the Days of Croatian Film as editor of the documentary short Od jutra do mraka in 2005.

Hunt for Oneself (Samopotjera, 1993), Nothing's Permanent (Prolazi sve, 1994), Crime and Punishment (Zlocin i kazna, 1994), Rock 'n' roll (1994), Proljece Ivana B. (1995), Novogodisnja pljacka (1997, TV), Go, Yellow (Ajmo zuti, 2001, TV), Tressette: A Story of an Island (Treseta, 2006), Bitange i princeze (7 episodes, 2007).


Drazen Zarkovic, Pavo Marinkovic

Pavo Marinković (born 1967, Zagreb, Croatia)
Pavo Marinković graduated from Scriptwriting at the ADU. His first dramatic works appear in the early nineties. His plays, performed in Croatia and abroad, have garnered numerous awards. He has worked for the Drama Programme of the Croatian Television, supervising scriptwriting on some twenty long and medium-length features, and several miniseries. He writes theatrical plays and film scripts, collaborates on theatrical and film scriptwriting, translates dramas and publishes essays on dramatic art. He wrote the screenplay for the Dražen Žarković feature Go, Yellow!

Go, Yellow (Ajmo zuti 2001, TV), Tressette: A Story of an Island (Treseta, 2006).




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