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GOLDEN APRICOT Yerevan International Film Festival and Delegation of the European Union in Armenia presented the Directors Across Borders Eastern Partnership program at a joint press conference on June 8. The Speakers of the conference- Mr. Jean-Christophe Gayrand, (Head of Operations Section, Delegation of the European Union to Armenia), Mrs. Susanna Harutyunyan (GOLDEN APRICOT Yerevan IFF Artistic Director, DAB Eastern Partnership program Director), Mrs. Nune Sargsyan (INTERNEWS-Armenia, Director), Ms. Tatevik Manoukyan, (GOLDEN APRICOT Yerevan IFF, Head of International Department, DAB Eastern Partnership Project Coordinator) and Mr. Jeff Kalousdian (DAB International Consultant) presented the mission and the upcoming main activities of the Programme to the journalists.

A new project involving cinema professionals from the Eastern Partnership countries has been launched in Armenia with EU assistance. Directors Across Borders (DAB) is a project implemented by the Golden Apricot Cinema Development Fund and supported by the European Union. In cooperation with its partners - MAIA (Italy), INTERFILM (Ukraine), CINEMA ART CENTER PROMETHEUS (Georgia), INTERNEWS (Armenia), this initiative will organise a range of seminars and workshops, as well as provide on-line opportunities for cinema makers who live in Armenia, Georgia, Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine and Azerbaijan.

DAB was developed on the basis of the Directors Across Borders co-production forum, which started in 2007 within the GOLDEN APRICOT Yerevan International Film Festival. The forum has been successfully implemented for five years and has facilitated film co-production in the region. Directors and producers from around 100 film projects have been selected for the forum and had the opportunity to attend script and production development workshops held by industry leading specialists, as well as meet representatives of various important international cinema funds.

In 2011 DAB received a grant from the European Community represented by the Delegation of the European Union to Armenia within the Eastern Partnership Culture Programme to develop a broader scope during 2011-2013. This will include a DAB co-production forum, an Armenia-Turkey Cinema Platform, Cinema Journalism Across Borders, Films Across Borders, Film Workshops and other activities. Updated and detailed information on all the mentioned initiatives can be found on the newly designed on-line network of DAB.

DAB Activities

Cinema Across Borders Online Network: DAB is to develop and maintain an internet based network for filmmakers, journalists and film enthusiasts in the region. The hub of this Network is Directors Across Borders Website which houses and hosts a wide variety of internet based materials of interest to filmmakers, journalist, film enthusiasts, financing agencies etc.

DAB co-production forum 6th edition will be held this year in the frames of Golden Apricot Yerevan International Film Festival in July 10-12. The three-day agenda will include script and production development workshops. Around 12 feature film projects will be selected to participate. A small grant will be allocated for the best project.

Armenia–Turkey Cinema Platform, founded in 2008, will be organised in the frames of Golden Apricot Yerevan International Film Festival this year in July 9-11. The programme which is designed to facilitate Armenian–Turkish film co-productions will invite 10 short and documentary film projects from Armenian and Turkey (5 project from each country). The selected projects’ representatives will get the chance to participate in script and production development workshops. The programme is implemented in cooperation with Anadolu Kulture based in Turkey. A development grant will be allocated for the best project.

Cinema Journalism Across Borders programme will provide theoretical and hands-on training opportunities in the areas of film review and critique to the young journalists from the region. The programme launch will take place on 4-7 July 2012. Cinema journalism workshops will be held for young journalists and journalism students from the countries of the region. Best participants will later get the opportunity to intern for 10 days during the production of the Golden Apricot Daily.

DAB Films Across Borders: Screenings of selected recent films from Eastern Partnership countries will be held by DAB and its partner organizations in the frame of the Golden Apricot 9th International Film Festival. The programme will later go on tour and will be screened in the frame of at least three film festivals in the Eastern Partnership countries. In collaboration with local NGOs dealing with youth and culture related topics, up to six additional screenings will be organised in smaller cities.

Film Workshops. DAB and its partner organisations will pioneer a number of film workshops through which filmmakers in the Eastern Partnership Countries can expand their skills and knowledge in key areas of story development and production. The first workshop will be held in Yerevan, 11-15 June.

For more information, please contact the project coordinator Ms. Tatevik Manoukyan at

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