A Moment of Innocence

Year of participation 2006
Program Retrospectives

A Moment of Innocence
Director(s) Mohsen Makhmalbaf
Script Mohsen Makhmalbaf
Director of Photography Mahmoud Kalari
Production designer Reza Alghemand
Music by Majid Entezami
Sound Nezameddin Kiaee
Edit Mohsen Makhmalbaf
Cast Mirhadi Tayyebi, Ali Bakhshi, Ammar Tafti, Maryam Mohammad - Amini, Moharram Zeinalzadeh, Fariba Faghiri, Maryam Faghiri, Lotfollah Gheshlaghi, Mohsen Makhmalbaf, Hana Makhmalbaf
Production company(-ies) Makhmalbaf Film House


During Shah's regime when Makhmalbaf is a 17-year old guerrilla, along with a girl, who is a guerrilla as well they attack a policeman to disarm him. The policeman and Makhmalbaf wound each other and the girl disappears. 20 years later, when Makhmalbaf is a 37 year old director and gives an add in the newspaper for choosing the cast of Salam Cinema, the ex-policeman goes to Makhmalbaf's house and sends a message to Makhmalbaf through his youngest daughter Hana and asks for a role in the cinema. Makhmalbaf decides to make a movie of the disarmament from today's view. He chooses a 17-year old young man to play his role when he was young. Then each of them follows their own youth with a separate camera to track the truth in the method that the incident had taken place 20 years ago. Both of them reach the disarmament location from two different directions but the young man, who plays the role of Makhmalbaf's youth, is not willing to act violently and wound the policeman, even for justice. On the other hand it becomes obvious that the policeman, who didn't know about the attack incident, had fallen in love slow by slow with the guerrilla girl that has come along with Makhmalbaf for disarming him. And even when he gets wounded he does not discover the secret and he had carried the sorrow of that love in his heart and he was looking for his lost love all these years.

Special Jury Award, Youth Golden Award (Locarno IFFestival, 1996), Among Top Ten Films of the Decade – Awarded by International Festival Directors and Critics 1999.
Participation: 47 International Film Festivals

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 Hirair and Anna Hovnanian Foundation
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