Bela Tarr about life and cinema.

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Bela Tarr about life and cinema.

One of the most important guests of the 8th Golden Apricot Film Festival is the world famous Hungarian film director Bela Tarr. Film critics often compare Bela Tarr with Tarkovsky, Antonioni and Angelopolus. They consider Tarr to be a realistic and honest 'dreamer'. His black-and-white films are extremes, an attempt to create cinematography of a new quality, as if there was no cinema of the last century at all. In the frames of the Yerevan retrospective of the renown director the following films were shown: “Damnation”, “The Man From London and “The Turin Horse”. After the last won the “Silver Bear” prize of the Berlin Film Festival , Bela Tarr announced about his retirement from the world cinema stage.

“I would not say that I am tired. But I am more than 30 years long in this business and I have managed to say what I wanted,” - said Bela Tarr during the press-conference on July 16.

Speaking about “The Turin Horse”, Tarr mentioned that everybody knows about the history of Nietzsche and the horse. Everybody knows what happened to Nietzsche, but nobody knows what happened to the horse. “That was the main question. It was the time to answer that question. And we did answer”.

Bela Tarr loves people and tries to show them in the way they really are. “I wanted to show how gentle and vulnerable people are. Shooting a film I try to present them as simple and precise as possible, without any luxuriance and superfluity. I wanted to talk about the difficulties of survival in the monotone everyday life, about the human right to live,“ - said Tarr.

For Bela Tarr cinema is the integrity of image, sound, rhythm, noise and other details: “In my films I wanted to show that space, time and people build up one integrity”.

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